Welcome to the one and only Fantasy Girl Maids service. Our Corporate office is located in Roslyn, NY. We provide sexy maids for your home or office all over the United States. The services include our maids cooking, cleaning, and performing light housekeeping tasks. Our Fantasy Girl Maids will arrive at your home or office wearing only a bikini, lingerie, or a sexy maid's uniform. Topless and nude maids are also available for your viewing pleasure.

Our Fantasy Girl Maid service will provide you with an erotic maid service that will seem too good to be true. Why dream about having a Fantasy Girl Maid, when you can contact us, and make that dream a reality. We offer a PG-13 to an X-rated maid service, depending on your needs and wants. All kidding aside, we actually really clean, cook, and perform light housekeeping duties.

Are you a single guy living alone or simply hate cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping chores? If you can answer yes to this question, than Fantasy Girl Maids is the service for you. You live a busy lifestyle, trying to budget your precious and limited time, with work and a social life. Why spend the remaining time you have left cooking, cleaning, and performing those much hated housekeeping chores. Wouldn't be better to have a sexy maid taking care of all the jobs you wish you never had to do again? The best news is this dream could be a reality. What would be wrong with a little extra excitement in your life?

Why not treat yourself, a spouse, a business consultant, or a friend to an experience of a lifetime, having Fantasy Girl Maids taking care of your cleaning, cooking, and housekeeping needs. Who knows maybe you may even want us to cater your next party at your home or office. We are able to accommodate any size party. No party is too large or too small.

Fantasy Girl Maids has several maids on staff, at all times. We want to provide our clients with the benefit of having a fantasy girl maid, that is sexy, friendly, caring, and available for domestic chores in their home or office. What may take some of our customers a whole day, or even an entire weekend, can be handled by a maid or team of maids in just a few hours. Many men, if given the choice, would rather watch one of our lovely Fantasy Girl Maids take care of their cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping chores, than do the work themselves. They have more free time for themselves, do not have to do jobs they hate doing, and get the opportunity to meet some of the prettiest maids in the United States.

Many maid services clean residential accounts and leave the commercial accounts to a janitorial service. We are able to provide you with maid services that include cooking, cleaning, and light housekeeping tasks in your home or your commercial office. There are several maids on staff at all times, so you have the opportunity to decide when you want a Fantasy Girl Maid to arrive at your home or office.

Take the opportunity to step into a home or office that is cleaned to your satisfaction. Be able to cross several major chores off your to do list and let our Fantasy Girl Maids take care of your annoying and time consuming tasks. We are available as often as you need us. It does not matter if you want us once a month or once a week, we are here to serve you with a lovely maid to take care of most of your cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping needs.

The price for a Fantasy Girl Maid to service your home or office is based on several factors. How much you pay for our service depends on the type of service, amount of time, location, and number of maids needed. We clean clutter, organize stuff, and cook meals to help you reduce or eliminate stressful unwanted jobs in your life. Fantasy Girl Maids will help you get what you need done, at a price you can afford.


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